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Photography competitions

The National Trust welcomes amateur photography at its properties. There are many photographic competitions held within the UK that you are entitled to enter using photographs you have taken on National Trust land. The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition described below is a prime example. In general we encourage photographers to enter their work but entering competitions that insist you, as an entrant, sign over your rights are not allowed. Therefore, if you are in any doubt about the validity of entering images please contact and we'll assess the terms of entry to check they comply with our policies.

International Garden Photographer of the Year has announced a photographic partnership with the National Trust which will create a brand new award category for the 2011 competition. The new category will be called 'Breathing Spaces' and judges will be looking for photographs which capture the spirit of outdoor places - whether those are gardens or countryside landscapes. The category will be a celebration of the natural world as a place for people to relax, have fun and find inspiration. In conjunction with IGPOTY, The National Trust is welcoming photographers into their gardens and estates - and all images, whether shot within National Trust grounds and properties or anywhere else in the world, are eligible for the competition.

More information about the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition at