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Joe Cornish

My first National Trust assignment was in 1989. I like to think I have worked for the Trust in four decades! To begin with, a simple love of the outdoors led me into landscape photography; subsequently, experience in the landscape has defined my ethos and mission. Working for the Trust, for the cause of conservation and for the common good, has helped me to develop as a photographer and as a person. In a culture characterised by consumption and self-interest, studying light, time, space and form with a camera encourages me to connect with nature, and to assert we are part of it, not apart from it.

A selection of Joe's photos

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Distant view of people walking at Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland.

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Sunlight glancing through the trunks of trees at Ennerdale, Cumbria.

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A hiker stands in awe at Wasdale Head, Cumbria, as a magnificent sunset colours the sky in reds, pinks and yellows.

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The beach at Whistling Sands, Porth Oer, Wales.

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Gloucester old spot pigs on Hindon organic farm, Exmoor, Somerset.

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Walkers at Wasdale, Cumbria, with the vast expanse of Wastwater in the distance.

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Spiral staircase inside the Old Light, the lighthouse on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon.

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Baling hay on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon.

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Snow on the trees illuminated by streetlamps at Great Ayton, North Yorkshire.

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Nicola Saunders, Warden, checking diving equipment on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon.