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Filming Locations

The National Trust has a wealth of unique locations available for hire. This locations website enables professionals to search for film-friendly, historically authentic sites, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can browse by geographical region, county, historical era, architectural style, building type, specific features, or landscape - or any combination of the key criteria - from medieval, monuments and marshes, to topiary, Tudor and temples to find the right location from our wide range of wonderful places.

Please note that the following types of shoot are handled at property level: wedding and engagement photography, family portraits, news crews and radio.

All the money we make from location fees goes back to the property to support their conservation work.

Filming or photography cannot be undertaken at National Trust sites without a contract being in place which has been signed by both parties.

National Trust policy on the use of drones can be found here.

To find out if the land on which you want to film is National Trust owned please use our land mapping system by clicking here.

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