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About us

We welcome professional film and photographic crews from all over the world, and during the peak summer period we handle approximately 250 filming and photography enquiries per month, with 3-5 crews operating at NT sites across the portfolio of properties, on any day. Recent acclaimed productions which used National Trust locations include House of the Dragon and Bridgerton.

If you need further information, the National Trust's Film Office can advise on potential locations, and explain the insurance requirements, any conservation issues, the contracts and fee structure. We have enormous experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, and can arrange initial and technical recces. We can issue contracts for stills shoots, plate shots, factual and documentary TV productions, feature films, and major drama series at all levels.

We are a charity so fees are chargeable for all shoots and VAT will be added on top of this. All the money we make from location fees goes back to the property to support their conservation work. Costs are provided on request, please contact us by emailing