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Photographic access

Press Photography

With the exception of organised press events at National Trust properties, all requests for access to National Trust places for press photography should be directed to

Professional photographers

The National Trust does not permit photography or filming at its properties for commercial use or for reproduction in any form without consent from National Trust Images. Images taken at NT properties may not be submitted to photo libraries, agencies or on-line providers or provided directly to image buyers.

Commercial photography

All requests for permission to undertake commercial photography of any kind at Trust properties or locations should in the first instance be referred to:

Harvey Edgington, Head of Filming and Locations on 020 7824 7128 or

Editorial Photography - Permit Scheme

Eligible professional photographers can now acquire an annual license from National Trust Images to take photographs out of doors on pay-on-entry National Trust land for editorial use. For further information about the scheme please email:

Visitor Photography

Our People: Permission should be sought at the time if you wish to intentionally film or photograph NT staff members or volunteers.

Out of doors at NT properties

All visitors to National Trust properties are allowed to take photographs out of doors for their own private use. Any requests from individuals wishing to sell or publish photographs should be directed to

Indoors at NT Properties

Amateur photography (including filming) without flash is now permitted in historic interiors at the Property or General Manager's discretion. As with outdoor photography, any photographs taken are strictly for private use, and enquiries about selling or publishing photographs should be directed to