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Photographic access

The National Trust welcomes visitors and members to take photos for ‘personal use’ for free, this includes for your own enjoyment, and sharing with friends and family. Unfortunately it doesn’t include the selling or distributing of images in any way for publication, electronically or print, so using the images in this way would be a breach of the National Trust’s policies and bylaws.

Please also note, photographs taken on National Trust land must not be submitted to photo libraries, agencies, on-line providers or directly to image buyers.


National Trust land ownership can be checked here:


Commercial photography and filming on National Trust land:

If you plan to film or photograph on National Trust land for commercial purposes you must gain permission from our Filming & Locations team.

Commercial photography is any photography that will be used in a product for sale or distribution for direct financial gain or marketing/ promotional purposes.

Commercial filming is any filming that will be used for direct financial gain or marketing/ promotional purposes.

Prior consent is required for both commercial photography and filming on National Trust land.

Please contact:

Please also take a look at our filming locations website

Weddings, local news and radio:

Managed at property level:

  • Wedding, engagement and portrait photography
  • Photography workshops

Requests to undertake the above are managed directly by property staff.

Please contact the National Trust property directly for further information. You will need to complete a booking form and a contract, and there may be a fee to pay.


Press Photographers:

The National Trust Media Pass does not entitle journalists to take photographs for publication. All requests for images from the digital library from newspapers and press agencies must be addressed to the Images Team.

Please contact:


Editorial photographers:

Eligible professional photographers can now acquire an annual license from National Trust Images to take photographs out of doors on pay-on-entry National Trust land for editorial use only. For further information about the scheme please contact


Professional photographers:

Professional photographers must gain consent prior to taking commercial photography on National Trust land. Please note, images taken at National Trust properties must not be submitted to photo libraries, agencies, on-line providers or directly to image buyers.

Please contact to gain prior consent for your photo shoot.


Visitor photographers:

Visitors are permitted to take photographs at National Trust properties for their own personal use only. Amateur photography and filming of historic interiors, without flash, is permitted at the property’s discretion. Please speak to a member of staff at the property to find out what their policy is.


Our People: Permission should be sought at the time if you wish to intentionally film or photograph NT staff members or volunteers.


What about social media?

Visitors are entitled to post their photographs of National Trust places on their personal social media accounts as it falls within our definition of ‘personal use’. However, this does not include business accounts. If a user’s social media account is commercial they will need permission to use photographs of National Trust places from National Trust Images.

Please contact:



Any influencer who wishes to create paid-for or gifted content on social media must pre-book through the Filming and Locations Office. Contact us by emailing

Open Access Land:

Those who wish to take views of our open-access land, such as landscapes and coastlines, for editorial publication or photographic competitions are free to do so. However, those wishing to produce images for commercial use, such as advertising, modelling and consumer products (e.g. greetings cards and calendars) should contact in the first instance. Essentially, if your intentions are commercial the same rules will apply whether you’re at a pay-to-enter property or open-access National Trust land.


Use of drones

We don't allow unauthorised drone operation at any of the land, properties or places in our care. More information can be found using the link below.


Taking photographs from footpaths and areas surrounding National Trust places:

In terms of taking photographs from land that doesn’t belong to the National Trust, it would be your responsibility as the photographer to ascertain whose land you’re on and to contact the owner for permission. More information on ‘open access land’ can be found here: